Daily Work

Julie Hoff

Daily Work was founded by a collaboration of ELCA churches, including Christ on Capitol Hill, to assist people in their congregations struggling with financial instability. Today, as an independent, nonprofit organization, Daily Work serves the greater community by providing one-to-one, personalized coaching to help job seekers of all backgrounds successfully prepare for, find and maintain work that enables them to support themselves and their families.

Challenges our job seekers face include; limited English skills, inability to use computers, dependence on public transportation, no formal training, inadequate food, clothing, and shelter, and homelessness, among others.  

 We help job seekers by:

  • Connecting them to community resources for job training, English classes, or basic needs;
  • Crafting a good resume, cover letter, and assisting them with the job search; and
  • Providing coaching about professional and life skills critical to finding and keeping work.

Daily Work has an established and effective vision for helping people move out of poverty. We offer meaningful opportunities for you to engage in a community ministry that makes an immediate, direct, and lasting impact in the lives of the poor.

Daily Work has an office in the lower floor of Christ Lutheran Church on Capitol Hill, located at 105 University Avenue West. To learn more about how you can get involved or if you would like help finding new or better employment, call (651) 204-3043 or visit our website!