Holy Communion (also called, “The Lord’s Supper” and “The Eucharist”)

Holy Communion and Baptism are the two ceremonies Lutherans call “sacraments.” These sacraments help us experience the wonderful love of God, and both were ceremonies that Jesus himself asked us to celebrate.

In the night Jesus was betrayed – the Thursday before his death – Jesus took the bread of the Passover Meal he was celebrating with his disciples and said “This is my body.”  After supper, he took the cup and said “This is my blood.”  “Do this,” Jesus said, “to remember me.” It is a meal to remember that Jesus loved us enough to die for us.  It is a meal to remember that God loves us enough to keep forgiving our sins. 

When we eat the small bit of bread and drink the small glass of wine, we believe that Jesus is  present to us. Of course Jesus is always with us, but in this ceremony Jesus is especially present to us.  Other wonderful Christian churches believe differently about whether and how Jesus is present during communion.   

At Christ on Capitol Hill, we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.  Because we believe Jesus is the Host of the meal, everyone is welcomeEveryone – regardless of their age or church-going history.  No one has to take Communion, but everyone is welcome!  

Every Sunday we also offer grape juice and gluten-free wafers for those who require or prefer those.

If you, or someone you know, would like to know more, just contact us.  We’d love to celebrate with you!

What is Holy Communion?

On January 13 and January 20, during Learning Time pre K through 5th graders, we will be looking at Holy Communion.  Everyone will meet downstairs in the room that has many names: it is called “Maureen’s Classroom,” or the “ESL Room,” or the “Computer Room.”

Happily, there will be signs.  Your kids won’t want to miss this!