Living in Community

Most of us hunger for genuine community.  We were not made to be alone!  So we have many Small Groups for people who want to make friends and hang out with others.  We also have teams a person could join that help us run our life together; you can find them under Serving our Congregation and Administrative Teams.

Telling the Story

Christ on Capitol Hill is determined to tell about the love of Jesus. And we are determined to live out this faith actively in the neighborhood and the world.

Caring for People’s Needs

We support our local food shelf; we serve meals for homeless people or people in poverty; we are a part of a program to provide housing for homeless families, and we support and volunteer with a local women’s shelter. You can find out more under Serving our Neighbor.

Working for Justice

We believe it isn’t enough to meet the needs of people in poverty; God calls us to work for justice, to attack the root causes of poverty.  We are a member congregation with Isaiah, a faith-based community organizing group.

 What we believe

 If you’d like to find out more about what we believe, click here.